Becoming a Nurse as a Second Career

Why Choose To Be A Nurse As A Second Career

It doesn’t matter if you are currently a college student or a professional in a completely unrelated area who is interested in a career change, a career in nursing is an extremely rewarding professional path. This is also the perfect time to become a nurse due to the nursing shortage and the expected unprecedented demand for qualified nurse in every corner of the USA. There are plenty of financial aid resources available to those who wish to pursue becoming a nurse as a second career.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can earn your nursing degree faster than most. Many nursing schools offer Accelerated BSN, Direct Entry MSN, or Second Degree BSN programs that allow those with previous college degrees to complete their nursing degrees in substantially less time. This type of help means that many people can put their education on a fast track in order to be a nurse as a second career within 1 or 2 years.

Also, it’s good to know that many nursing schools offer part time nursing programs in order to allow working students to continue to so while still attending school to become a nurse as a second career.

If you already have experience in the medical field, you might be able to gain an advanced placement within a nursing program. Because every student’s work experience is unique, it’s best to talk to the staff at whatever nursing school it is that you wish to attend. Most application forms have areas marked “Additional comments or questions.” This would be a good place to note your experience and see if you are offered an advanced place in the school.

Even if you are over 40, it’s still not too late to begin your nursing career. You should not that nursing is an emotionally, as well as physically, demanding job. However, if you have a good head for math and science, enjoy working in an intense atmosphere, and love people, then there’s no reason for you not to come to nursing school. If you still have doubts about your age, consider a few of these facts about choosing to be a nurse as a second career:

Nurse As A Second Career

Facts About Choosing To Be A Nurse As A Second Career

• A sample survey showed that as much as 45 percent of registered nurses are over 50!
• The average age of all licenses registered nurses is currently 47 and increasing every year.
• Administrators at nursing schools state that older students usually bring energy and intensity that are lacking in younger students and usually are the top academic performers.

Being older will not hurt your chances to either enter school or the work force. Neither schools nor employers can legally discriminate you based on your age.

Are you concerned that you are going to be in a class full of high school or college kids? You can forget about that worry. Your class will be a very diverse group with people from all ages, both genders, ethnicity, and economic classes.

You should be aware; however, that nursing is a physically demanding job. Typically, hospitals and nursing homes are the most demanding while working at government agencies, schools, and outpatient clinics are less demanding. Also, working on the general nursing staff will be more physically demanding then working as, perhaps, a nurse administrator. Depending on the location where you work, you might find yourself faced with:

• Working any and all shifts including holidays and weekends
• Being on your feet for many, many hours
• Working in emergency situations

These are just a few of the situations you might encounter and you should be prepared to deal with.

If you are thinking about returning to school to gain your degree in nursing, the best piece of advice we can give you is to just go ahead and do it. The longer you wait, the longer you think about it, the longer you will think of reasons to put it off or not do it at all. Just do it and you will see how, before you know it, you’re preparing for your graduation!

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