Legal Issues that can Cause you to Lose your Nursing License

Legal Issues and Your Nursing License Although we would like to believe that every nurse is like Florence Nightingale and has a perfect record to go with their nursing license, with a good, kind heart, filled with loving intentions, it would be a mistake to do so. We live in the real world so we …

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Becoming a Nurse as a Second Career

Why Choose To Be A Nurse As A Second Career It doesn’t matter if you are currently a college student or a professional in a completely unrelated area who is interested in a career change, a career in nursing is an extremely rewarding professional path. This is also the perfect time to become a nurse …

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Are The Requirements For Being A Canadian Nurse Different Than An American Nurse?

Requirements for a Canadian Nurse Have you considered Canadian Nurse? If you have, this could be a great opportunity for you. Before you head out, however, here are a few things you should know about how the nursing system work in Canada and what the requirements are. Much like the USA, Canada is experiencing a …

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Advanced Practice Nurse Versus Nurse Practitioner-APN or VPN

What Is The Difference Between APN or VPN? What exactly is the difference between an advanced practice nurse compared to a nurse practitioner? The names are certainly similar. Let’s take a look at these two professional titles to better understand APN or VPN distinctions. A nurse practitioner, or NP, can perform many of the jobs …

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Consider Nursing Prep Programs to Prepare for Acceptance to Nursing School

The Advantage Of A Nursing Prep Programs It can be quite difficult to gain acceptance into nursing school, and with the National Nursing Association stating that there is going to be a nationwide shortage of nurses in the not so distant future, many colleges are launching new nursing prep programs they hope will solve both …

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Large Demand Growing for Advanced Nursing Knowledge

What Is So Attractive About Advanced Nursing Many nurses today are putting down their blood pressure equipment and stethoscopes and picking up their schooling where they left off to seek advanced nursing positions. The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has brought millions of new patients into the health care arena. This means those who work …

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Nurses Now Working Independently of Physicians

Independent Nurses Working Without Doctors Nurse practitioners an Independent Nurses could provide much improved access to health care if allowed to be unshackled from the doctors who oversee them, Independent Nurses work much better than others in the same field. These health care professionals are supporting Senate Bill 1063, which would remove the requirement that …

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Nurses Higher Education Agenda Pushed

Encouraging Nurses Higher Education When speaking of the U.S. health care field, nurses have had the traditional role as the main bedside caregiver and the traditional hospital as the main site for the delivery of that health care. This traditional system can no longer support our communities, the large numbers of specialists that are needed …

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What is a LPN And How Do You Become One?

What is a LPN? A LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse is a medical professional that is charged with taking care of patients in a healthcare setting while remaining under the management purview of doctors or nurses who are registered. LPN healthcare professionals manage patient essential care, which usually consist of bathing, grooming, dressing, eating and …

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What Is The Process Of Going From LPN to BSN?

Can I Change From LPN to BSN? Taking the next step can make a huge difference in your career. If you’re a nurse, the difference between being a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) can be huge. Getting a higher education can make your employment more secure and increase …

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